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Diarrhea in Stage 3 Kidney Failure: How to Manage It

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-12 14:50

Diarrhea in Stage 3 Kidney Failure: How to Manage ItDiarrhea, especially chronic diarrhea, isn’t rare for people with Stage 3 Kidney Failure. Diarrhea can make patients have thirst, dark urine, dry skin, fatigue, or even dehydration and dizziness. Since dizziness affects patients’ life quality largely, how to manage diarrhea becomes these patients’ concern.

Why do people with stage 3 kidney failure have diarrhea?

In stage 3 kidney failure, although kidneys can’t still do their job without auxiliary methods, they are unable to play their function as effectively as healthy kidneys. With the decline of kidney function, more and more symptoms and discomforts will appear. Among them, infections, both bacterial and viral, and electrolyte imbalance are common that result in chronic diarrhea easily. In addition, diarrhea is also one side effect of some medications like antibiotics.

How to manage diarrhea for stage 3 kidney failure?

If you have this symptom, you may need to modify your diet, lifestyle and treatment plans.

- Diet: Until your diarrhea is controlled, avoiding caffeine-containing foods and drinks, foods high in fiber, fatty foods, dairy products and sweet foods. Besides, drink enough clear liquids, such as, water and juices.

- Anti-diarrhea medications: For people with kidney disease, eating medications blindly may cause further kidney damage. Over-the-counter (OTC) anti-diarrheal medication can be used to treat diarrhea. However, you should consult the online doctor to see what medications are useful for you.

- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Many types of Chinese medicines can help regulate Yin-Yang in the inner body. In TCM, yin and yang are two essential substances that determine the balance of internal environment. Therefore, they can manage chronic diarrhea from the root.

Now, we have known how to manage diarrhea for stage 3 kidney failure patients. Of course, the personalized treatment plan should change from person to person. Ask the online doctor to help you make a correct diet plan and choose correct medications.


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