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What Antibiotics Should Be avoided in Stage 3 Renal Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-29 17:11

What Antibiotics Should Be avoided in Stage 3 Renal FailureAntibiotics are often used to treat infection for people with stage 3 Kidney Failure. But some antibiotics have renal toxicity, so you should not eat them at random. What antibiotics should be avoided in stage 3 kidney failure?

What antibiotics should be avoided in stage 3 kidney failure?

Every medication that you take is filtered out of your blood by your kidneys and excreted in the urine. Antibiotics with nephrotoxic means that they have an elevated risk for harming the kidneys, which will worsen your kidney disease and accelerate the progression to the next stage.

Polymycin B, neosporin, rifampin, tetracycline, vancomycin and most sulfonamides can damage the filtering units of the kidney. Antibiotics, such as gentamicin and streptomycin sometimes harm the kidneys as well. Patients with stage 3 renal failure should talk with health care providers to discuss alternative antibiotic options if available. You can also contact our online doctor for detailed information.

How to prevent kidney damage from antibiotics?

-Water helps flush out the wastes and toxins, so you can drink proper water.

-Drink some cranberry juice while taking antibiotics. It can also help clean your kidneys.

-Avoid coffee, alcohol, smoking while taking antibiotics. They may increase your kidneys’ burden.

-Visit your physician to discuss your option to prevent kidney damage.

Antibiotics with renal toxicity should, if possible, be avoided in patients with kidney disease because the consequences of nephrotoxicity are likely to be more serious when the renal reserve is already reduced. Stage 3 renal failure means there is a moderate damage to your kidney. Therefore, you should pay more attention to what you take. If you would like to know what antibiotics are safe to use in stage 3 renal failure, you can leave us a message or email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.


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