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How Long Can Kidney Failure Patient Live Without Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-08 14:00

How Long Can Kidney Failure Patient Live Without DialysisHow long can kidney failure patient live without dialysis? In fact, this depends on many factors.

Kidney failure means a state that partial or all kidney function is damaged. When patient is in stage five kidney failure, which means patient’s GFR is less than 15ml/min, patient will be recommended to accept dialysis.

How long can patient with stage five kidney failure live?

If a patient is already in stage 5, which means patient already have severe kidney damage, lots of wastes and toxins will accumulate in patient’s blood, which can cause many disorders in patient’s body. While patient’s condition can aggravate severely if he do not accept dialysis, and patient may just live for several weeks without dialysis.

how long can patinet within early stage of kidney failure live?

While for patients who are in the early stage of kidney failure, when his kidneys begin to failing filtering the wastes and toxins out of blood adequately, he can still live a long time if right treatment and appropriate care is provided. In fact, for patient with stage 3 kidney failure, his condition can even be controlled at that stage, while if patient has not accept right care, his condition may even progress into end stage in several months.

In western medicine, patient may be told that there is nothing can be done except waiting for dialysis. In fact, it is not. Western medicine is good at controlling patient’ condition, but it do not know how to improve patient’s kidney function, while traditional Chinese medicine is a good choice in improving patient’s kidney function, which is good at treating disease systemically and can improve patient’s self-repairing ability to treat his disease.

In fact, we have receive a patient from Papua New Guinea, and his name is TIMA, and you can find his information on our website. After a serious infection, he was already in stage five kidney failure when he was sent to us, and he has had received several times dialysis. But after two months treatment, his GFR level reverses from stage 5 to stage 3, which is a moderate kidney damage condition.

While if you meet any problem in dealing with kidney failure, you can contact our online experts, and we are glad to help you.



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