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Must Renal Failure Develop Into Uremia Stage

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-07-29 16:01

Uremia Stage,Renal FailureWhen some diseases are harmful to the kidney, the kidney can not play normal physiological function, it will gradually develop into chronic renal failure, its end stage is uremia, its clinical manifestation is a series of synthesis of renal dysfunction, various metabolic wastes, water, electrolyte, acid-base balance disorder, and renal endocrine dysfunction.

All kinds of diseases that can cause renal failure can cause uremia. Nephrogenic, postrenal and prerenal are introduced below.

Kidney nature: many causes of kidney disease caused by chronic renal disease, chronic pyelonephritis and arteriosclerosis of renal arteriosclerosis are more common. In addition, renal tuberculosis and connective tissue diseases (such as systemic lupus erythematosus, nodular arteritis, renal damage), diabetic glomerular capillary sclerosis and congenital polycystic kidney can also cause uremia. Most cases of uremia caused by internal kidney diseases belong to this category.

Post renal (or obstructive): urinary tract stones, tumors, hypertrophy of the prostate, urethral stricture and so on, causing obstruction of the urinary tract and causing renal dysfunction caused by dysuria, which is the most common cause of uremia in surgical kidney disease.

Pre renal: often caused by kidney and other causes outside the urinary tract. Such as severe dehydration, bleeding and shock, peripheral circulation failure, reduced renal blood flow, a significant decline in renal filtration rate and a oliguria or no urine, as well as acute renal failure caused by surgical trauma, burn or surgery.

Must renal failure develop into uremia stage?

It is not, if the disease can be treated in the early stage with right treatments, that it can be avoided successfully. Here we strongly recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, various of chinese herbal medicines used in the treatments, which can repair damaged kidney to rebuild kidney structures and improve kidney functions. Patients do not worry about uremia any more.

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