How Does Exercise Reduce Fatigue in Kidney Failure Patients

2014-01-03 14:30

How Does Exercise Reduce Fatigue in Kidney Failure PatientsNearly all of kidney failure patients have fatigue or feel tired all the times. If they don’t have hematuria or serious heart disease, doctors often recommend them to do some gentle exercise moderately. This is because exercise can help reduce fatigue for kidney failure patients to some extent.

Firstly, learn about why kidney failure patients have fatigue.

For people with kidney failure, their tiredness usually results from three factors. The first one is renal anemia in which the body is lack of red blood cells. These cells are responsible for transporting blood and oxygen to organs all over the body. The second one is the build up of uremic toxins. These toxins like urea can shorten the life span of red blood cells, thus resulting in fatigue. The last one is poor blood circulation caused by low kidney function.

Then, we will talk about how exercise helps reduce fatigue for kidney failure patients.

Some people think exercise will worsen patients’ fatigue, because they feel quite tired after exercise. In fact, it is wrong. Instead of alleviating fatigue immediately, exercise is helpful to boost patients’ energy gradually. On one hand, gentle exercise is able to prompt aerobic respiration in the body, so as to enhance the activity of cells and improve patients’ immunity. On the other hand, moderate exercise is good to regulate blood circulation, lower high blood pressure and control blood glucose. Once blood circulation is improved, more blood can be supplied to cells all over the body. However, if patients do exercise mistakenly, it may worsen patients’ overall health as well as kidney condition. For example, these patients should avoid strenuous exercise such as football, running and basketball.

Additionally, to reduce your fatigue caused by kidney failure efficiently, you had better consult the online doctor to make a healthy exercise plan.

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