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Star fruit & Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-03 10:26

Star fruit & Kidney Failure Star fruit,called carambola,is a kind of tropical, subtropical fruit that is rich in nutritive value. It is usually used to make salad,preserves and so on. So is it suitable for Kidney Failure patients? Here is a simple state of this problem. Online Doctor can offer more detailed information quickly.

Almost all of Kidney Disease patients have their own “Food Rules” that can help them control or relieve their disease condition. Owing to the renal damage,many foods are not suitable for patients with Kidney Failure. Some foods seem to be beneficial to patients condition,however,these foods may worsen the disease condition even cause death of Kidney Failure patients.

So can patients with Kidney Failure eat star fruit?

Star fruit is rich in a lot of sugar,vitamin and organic acid that are the important substance of human life activities. It can supplement the body nutrition. Besides,it are also diuretic and can clear away heat,which is beneficial for kidneys. But in fat,Star fruit is not suitable for Kidney Failure patients.

It contains a kind of neurotoxin that can be metabolized by our kidneys. However,Kidney Failure patients can not discharge this toxin from body,which will lead to poisoning. This nerve poisoning caused by star fruit will lead to hiccup,emesis and because the toxin enters the brain,it may cause confusion,even death. Besides,star fruit also contains oxalic acid that may produce renal stones and make patient poisoning. So it is necessary for hypertension and diabetes patients to pay attention to their kidney function before eating the star fruit. If you have other questions,please leave message on below or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com and we are glad to help you for free.

For Kidney Failure patients,keeping a low intake of protein,fat,water and salt is good for patients condition. Moreover,taking some proper vegetables and fruits are also beneficial to control their disease. But the healthy diet can not treat the kidney disease. Timely and effective treatment is necessary. A conservative therapy named Micro-Chinese Medicine Osomotherapy can maintain patients life and protect their renal function as far as possible to avoid dialysis.

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