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Can Patients with ESRF Eat Lemon

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-27 16:42

Can Patients with ESRF Eat LemonLemon is one of the most medicinal value fruit in the world. It is rich in vitamin C, potassium,calcium and phosphorus and so on. Lemon are beneficial to prevent the high blood pressure and strengthen blood vessel elasticity and toughness. Besides,vitamin C can also increase their immunity and reduce the infection. Lemon is good for our ordinary people,so is it proper for ESRF patients? ONLINE DOCTOR can offer you more information quickly for free.

ESRF,called End Stage Renal Failure,is the end stage of Kidney Failure. In this stage,there are many more serious symptoms and complications that increase the risk of death. Besides,the severer disease condition reduce the patients life quality badly. In this case,most of patients may choose dialysis to control and relieve their disease condition. Besides,doctor may also require them to keep a healthy diet to limit the disease condition.

Lemon has has a lot of benefits that are good for our body and it can also be eaten to increase the flavor. So can ESRF patients take lemon to increase their low immunity?

The answer is no,especially for Kidney Failure patients in end stage. Actually,in early stage,the proper intake of lemon are good for patients and there is no other bad effects to patients’ damaged kidneys. However,lemon is bad for ESRF patients. In this stage,patients’ kidney function almost entirely lost and acid-base balance is broken,which all cause the high potassium in patients blood. Moreover,some medicine contains more potassium,which increases the potassium level in patients’ blood.

Nevertheless,the high content of potassium in lemon may aggravate patients disease condition,which is not good for patients condition. In addition, there are many food taboos that Kidney Failure patients should follow. A low intake of protein,fat,salt to avoid the increase of renal burden. Besides,some foods intake depends on patients’ specific disease condition.

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