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A Low Intake of Protein to Kidney Failure Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-25 11:05

A low intake of Protein to Renal Failure PatientsKidney  failure patients are usually confused about the precise intake of protein. The leakage of massive protein will cause the reduced immunity and malnutrition,which is bad for the recovery of Kidney Failure patients. So if you are diagnosed with Renal failure,your doctor may advise you to take a low protein intake to control your disease condition.
So how much protein belongs to low intake?

For renal disease patients, the supply of daily protein is about 0.6g/kg. That is to say,the intake of protein is should limited in 20-40g daily based on patients condition. However,it is too difficult to patients to estimate the intake of protein in their daily food. Here we will give you some simple examples about the protein in some common foods,which may can help you to take a proper diet.

Eggs are rich in protein that contains about 13g protein. So it is suitable for patients to take 2 eggs everyday. Besides,albumen contains about 6g protein,as well as the 100ml milk. Patients can take the proper foods following your doctor’s advice. In addition,some patients are meat lovers,so the meat is indispensable to them. Actually,it is necessary for renal disease patients to take a light diet. But it is not say that patients can not eat meat completely. 100g lean meat contains about 13,14g protein,which is appropriate to patients take about just 100g per day. Moreover, fish is beneficial to patients condition due to the high protein and low fat in it. About 100g-150g fish are enough to provide the protein for patients. Do not take more,or it may increase the renal burden even worsen your disease.

Although we can make a list of the exact protein intake,the patients condition are not identical. So if you want know more information about your disease condition,you can talk to our live doctor or leave messages on below about your disease and we are glad to help you.


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