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Foods to Eat and Not Eat for Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-07 09:07

Foods to Eat and Not Eat for Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Failure (CKF)Most people find they have stage 2 chronic kidney failure (CKF) during physical tests for another problem. Once they are diagnosed with Stage 2 CKF, they must learn to develop a healthy diet plan. Well, what foods to eat and avoid for patients with early stage kidney failure?

The basic diet requirements for Stage 2 CKF

In stage 2, kidneys can still work just like normal kidneys, because they are still working at 60%~89% more than 50%. For this reason, patients usually don’t have any problem or symptom. To reduce the burden on kidneys, the following requirements are needed.

- Correct amount of protein intake: Since kidneys can still filter out wastes relatively effectively, patients are recommended to take in about 0.8g/kg of high-quality protein every day.

- Low-sodium diet: High blood pressure and fluid retention are two common problems of chronic kidney failure. Extra sodium intake is more likely to induce or worsen these two problems. Therefore, a low-sodium diet is needed.

- Drink enough water: Pure water is the best cleaner for flushing urinary tract. If patients still have enough urine output, drinking correct amount of water is required.

- Add more fiber from fresh vegetables and fruits: These foods can help supplement enough vitamins and minerals for patients. Besides, these foods are usually high in antioxidants so that they can protect kidneys.

Now, we have known the basic dietary requirements for stage 2 chronic kidney failure. If you want to get a personalized diet plan in detail, you can leave a message to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com. We are glad to help you develop such a diet plan for free.

Specific foods for Stage 2 CKF

Some foods can help improve patients’ health condition, while some others may worsen it. Since the words here are limited, we can only introduce some of these foods.

- Foods that can improve patients’ health condition: Cranberry, black berry, cabbage, red bell pepper, etc, can help protect remaining kidney tissues. Fish oil, flaxseed oil and some others contain unsaturated fatty acid that can help prevent inflammatory reactions within kidneys.

- Foods that may worsen patients’ condition: Processed foods, canned foods, salty condiments, etc, are rich in sodium that can increase the risk of high blood pressure and fluid retention, while red meat, alcohol and high-fat dairy can provoke some other problems.


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