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What Kinds Of Tea Are Allowed By Uremia Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-10-29 10:16

Uremia Patients,TeaUremia is the most serious stage of renal failure. In this stage, besides the disorder of water and electrolyte metabolism and the imbalance of acid and base, metabolites accumulated in the body present extensive systemic toxic symptoms such as digestive tract, heart, lung, nerve, muscle, skin and blood, which seriously threaten the health and health of patients. Life is safe.

Uremic patients should not only actively cooperate with treatment, but also pay special attention to diet and other aspects of daily life health care.

Tea can refresh, relieve fatigue, digestion, thirst, diuresis and detumescence, especially green tea, oolong tea is better than black tea, and has anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect. Tea can regulate the acid-base balance, rich in vitamin C, e, carotene, nicotinic acid, potassium, calcium, selenium, fluoride, etc., these are the benefits of tea on the human body, including the kidney.

Patients with uremia can drink tea, but patients with uremia should have moderate amounts of tea, and they should not drink strong tea.

However, tea contains caffeine, about a cup of tea contains the equivalent of 30-50% of caffeine in a cup of coffee, a large number of strong tea contains more caffeine. It has been proved that caffeine can cause normal cell aberration and carcinogenesis, and excessive drinking of concentrated tea can make the nervous system excited excessively, increase the burden of heart and kidney, promote gastrin secretion, induce peptic ulcer. Moreover, tannic acid is easy to combine with iron, reduce the absorption of hematopoietic factor iron, and cause uremia. The rehabilitation of the disease is very unfavorable.

So, to sum up, uremic patients can drink tea, but uremic patients must drink tea in moderation, and can not drink strong tea.

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