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Low Protein Diet Should Be Less And High Quality

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-09-17 10:42

Low Protein Diet,High QualityHuman proteins are in the process of constant synthesis and decomposition. After eating meat or tofu, the proteins are digested in the stomach and intestine (broken down into 20 amino acids), and the amino acids are absorbed into the blood by the intestine.

A key problem in nutrition therapy for chronic kidney disease is the ideal intake of protein. Some people believe that the daily protein intake must be less than 0.38g per kilogram of body weight, "standard" is recommended for each kilogram of body weight 0.6g ~ 0.8g, and should be used with more essential amino acids in high-quality protein foods, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, chicken, etc.

Bean curd. Soy protein is also a kind of high quality protein. In fact, from the point of view of protein alone, there is no need for excessive restriction, it is no problem to eat it as meat.

Patients with uremia should limit the "low quality" protein contained in cereals. At present, wheat starch is the main food instead of wheat flour and rice. Wheat starch is a kind of protein extracted from wheat flour. The protein content of wheat flour is reduced from 9.9% to below 0.6%. Using wheat starch as the main source of daily energy supply can reduce the intake of non-essential amino acids in the diet.

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