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Is It Safe For Renal Insufficiency Patients Drinking Milk

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-07-18 10:03

Renal Insufficiency,MilkCore Tips: According to relevant medical data, more and more people are suffering from renal insufficiency. Renal insufficiency is a chronic disease that constantly engulf people's health. The diet plan for renal insufficiency patients are also very important, so we should pay attention on it. Today we are going to know is it safe for renal insufficiency patients to drink milk.

Is it safe for renal insufficiency patients drinking milk?

Kidney dysfunction is a very serious disease, and many hormones in the body are affected, so the diet is particularly important. Certain things must be consumed directly to our life, this is not an exaggeration. Milk is rich in protein, is a very nutritious food, it does not bring any burden to the new aging of the body, we can drink a small bottle a day, but do not eat to much, because a lot of food will bring burdens to our intestines and stomach. In addition, more attention should be paid to the diet.

patients with renal insufficiency should restrict the intake of salt

For patients with renal insufficiency, there are more or less symptoms of edema. Excessive use of salt can cause edema, so patients with renal insufficiency should limit the intake of salt. When our body has severe symptoms of edema, we should use salt below 1 grams or even no salt in food. When the edema is relieved, we can increase the intake of salt at this time, but not too much. In life, we should try to avoid the intake of salted vegetables, pickles, pickles, golden needle vegetables, salted bread, laver, oil sticks, spinach, celery, rape, fennel, radish and other foods with high sodium content.

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