What Kind Of Diet Plan Should Be Followed By Dialysis Patients

2018-07-09 15:47

Diet Plan,Dialysis PatientsWhat are the Dialysis patients to eat? More and more people are in dialysis, some of them lose the hope to life in gradually, the cost of dialysis will increase the burden of family. Lots of dialysis patients lose the hope to life. To be honest, if the conditions can be controlled well that dialysis patients can come back to normal life. Here we will give the guidance on diet.

Because early nephropathy did not get the basic treatment, the development of uremia finally took the road of dialysis. Dialysis only uses external factors to replace the function of the kidneys, and the renal function is severely damaged. Some of the metabolites in the body can not be discharged normally.

For dialysis patients with kidney disease, what should we pay attention to?

1. Protein intake: the selection of high quality of animal protein, such as fresh milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, and so on, supplemented with all kinds of essential amino acids. Although soybeans and peanuts contain high protein content, they contain less amino acids and should not be eaten more.

2. Calorie intake: under normal circumstances, 30-45kcal/kg/d, depending on individual differences.

3. Calcium and other substances: calcium supplement, zinc supplement and iron, and adequate vitamin B vitamins.

4. Limiting water: it is appropriate to control the weight gain 0.5kg daily, and excessive water intake in the dialysate can lead to water intoxication and cardiovascular complications.

5. Sodium limit: sodium should be limited to 2-3g within a day, to prevent hypertension and heart failure.

6. Potassium restriction: restrict potassium intake, prevent hyperkalemia.

7. Phosphorus: high phosphorus and low calcium can cause metabolic bone disease, to avoid food containing high phosphorus, such as animal heart, brain, kidney, liver, plant yellow beans, peanuts and other food.

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