What Kind of Nutrition Should be Supported for Kidney Failure Patients

2018-06-30 11:16

Kidney Failure DietIt is very important to take right diet, especially for Kidney Failure patients, which can help them prolong life expectancy. here i will give some diet principle,hope that it is useful to prolong your life expectancy. of course, you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details directly in free.

Vitamin supplements

Adequate intake of vitamins and trace elements. Vitamin B, vitamin C and zinc, calcium, iron, etc., can protect the kidney. “Kimwikang has many types of trace elements, appropriate proportions, easy to take, one tablet per day, vitamin E can take 11 international units per day, vitamin C daily 0.3g.”

High calcium and low phosphorus

Electrolyte disorders of chronic renal disease with low calcium and high phosphorus are common, so we should pay attention to the diet of high calcium and low phosphorus. Unfortunately, the higher the phosphorus content of foods containing high levels of calcium, such as pork ribs, shrimp and so on. Therefore, a high calcium and low phosphorus diet emphasizes a low phosphorus diet. We should fast the animal’s internal organs such as brain, liver, kidney, etc., do not eat roast goose, seafood, do not drink old fire soup, eat pumpkin seeds and other dried fruit.

Except the precautions mentioned above when you have kidney problem you must go to see a nephrologist and accept the reasonable treatment in time, that is very important to patient’s condition improvement. Instead of taking medicines most patients want to accept the natural treatment which is comfortable and no any side effect and that treatment is different from western therapy.

At present the natural treatment that is researched by the kidney experts in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has helped more and more foreign patients , after the natural treatment their kidney funciton has been improved and the life quality has been promoted to a high level. The most important point to the natural treatment is no any side effect to patients and the treatment is comfortable to patients. It can help patients strengthen the immune system and repair the damaged kidney cells , the kidney function is restored step by step. If you want to get more effective effect of treatment please contact us through the following message:

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