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Can Renal Failure Patients Drink Coffee

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-07-02 10:27

Can Renal Failure Patients Drink Coffee?As a refreshing drink, coffee is loved by many office workers. Some people even feel very uncomfortable if they have to stop drinking coffee. Can patients with Renal Failure drink coffee? This question may attract some Renal Failure patients’ curiosity, if these people just love to drink coffee. our ONLINE DOCTOR will help you. 

In the medical, coffee has some advantages to the human body. Firstly, coffee contains some nutrition and it is beneficial to our skin. Secondly, it can help to remove fatigue and prevent gallstones. Finally, it has some sanitarian functions such as antioxidant, strengthening the bones and muscles and appetizing and so on.

Renal Failure patients, it still needs to explore.

Renal Failure is the result of the loss of almost whole kidney function. Patients with Renal Failure usually have a lot of proteinuria, high creatinine and many other wastes. Coffee contains not only caffeine but also fat, protein, carbohydrate, inorganic salt and vitamin. Most of the instant coffee contains 3% - 4% caffeine, the caffeine passing to liver, kidney is not beneficial to kidney function recovery and the decomposition product of coffee can add to the renal burden. Besides, coffee may cause other problems for patients with renal failure.

Drinking coffee may cause sleep disorder, aggravate the kidney problem; cause cardiovascular disease.

Then we can find the answer that patients with Renal Failure can’t drink coffee. What’s more, these patients shouldn’t drink all kinds of drinks which contain caffeine.

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