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Why Patient With Kidney Failure Should Be Careful In Their Protein Intake

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-26 14:10

Why Patient With Kidney Failure Should Be Careful In Their Protein IntakePatient with kidney failure has many restrictions in their diet, and protein intake is a aspect that should especially be paid attention to. Many patients may have this doubt, why they should be careful in their protein intake?

Important nutrient

Protein is an important part for our body health. It is a basic part of body cell, and it plays an important role in regulating our body function. Besides, it is also an essential part to our immunity, for example, antibody is a kind of protein.

Producing lots of wastes

Protein can produce lots of metabolic wastes, which should be excreted out by kidney. For patient with kidney disease, this will increase patient’s kidney burden, which can aggravate patient’s kidney damage easily. While for patient whose kidneys already can not complete their work, much protein intake will also increase the wastes accumulation in their blood. Thereby, patient with kidney disease should avoid excess protein intake in his diet.

High-quality protein is needed

Because of the restriction in protein intake, it becomes more important for patient to take high-quality protein.

Protein mainly consists of amino acid, while there are eight kinds of amino acid that can not be compounded by ourselves, which can only be gotten from the foods we take. When kidney disease patient have restriction in their protein intake, it is necessary for patient to choose protein source which contains these eight kinds of amino acid, and that is high-quality protein.

The appropriate protein intake

The amount of protein for patient with kidney disease is very important. Both much or less of protein intake will cause problem to patient. Thereby, what is the appropriate protein intake?

For healthy people, the recommended protein intake is about 0.8g/kg per day, which is also suitable for patient with kidney disease, but their protein intake may need to be regulated based on this volume. For example, for patient who do not has problem in his protein metabolism, patient can decide his protein intake according to this standard, while for patient who has much protein loss, like patients with nephrotic syndrome, they should take protein to supply their lost protein.

These are the basic aspects about protein intake, while if you still have any problem in dealing with this aspect, you can email us your trouble, and we are willing to help you.


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