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Several Common Misdiagnoses Of Renal Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-07-30 15:14

Misdiagnoses Of Renal Failure,Renal FailureKidney Failure is easy to misdiagnosed, that is because the symptoms of kidney failure are similar to other diseases. If you have the following symptoms that you need to consider about kidney failure. Of course, you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

1. when patients appear thirsty or nocturnal, many will be misdiagnosed as diabetes, hypertension, hemiplegia misdiagnosed as cerebral infarction.

2. Many patients with renal failure appear nausea, vomiting, upper abdominal discomfort, it is easy to cause the diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases, which brings serious harm to patients.

3. especially with the history of family history of hypertension, when some symptoms appear, it is easy to be misdiagnosed as hypertension, thus neglecting the treatment of renal failure, thus delay the best time for the treatment of the disease and bring the patients with heavy damage.

4. When anemia occurs, many doctors believe that anemia is caused by malnutrition. It is considered that there is a reduction in erythrocyte growth factor, shortened life expectancy of red blood cells, insufficient hematopoietic raw materials, acute and chronic blood loss in the plasma of the patient, if the clinician does not analyze the relationship between anemia and patients with symptoms. It is easy to misdiagnose.

Several misdiagnoses in diagnosis of renal failure are introduced. For doctors, we should take a serious look at the symptoms of renal failure. In the diagnosis of patients, they should be seriously diagnosed. Otherwise, it is easy to cause serious injury to the patients, thus delayed the treatment of renal failure.

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