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How Can Kidney Failure Be Diagnosed

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-29 14:38

How Can Kidney Failure Be DiagnosedKidney failure is a condition that patient’s kidney function is lost partially or completely. Kidney failure is a very severe condition, and there is no cure for this condition. Patients may have this question: How can kidney failure be diagnosed?

Kidney disease can be divided into five stages according to patient’s GFR, which is also a reflection of patient’s kidney function. When patient’s kidney function declines to the level that can not complete its work, it means patient has kidney failure, and this condition will appear in stage 3 kidney disease.

The earlier patient’s kidney failure is found, the better patient’s prognosis will be. Thereby, it is important for patient to find their disease as early as possible, and these tests can help patient find his kidney condition.

Blood test

For patients with kidney failure, there will be excess toxins and wastes accumulating in blood, and patient will have abnormal level of some substances, among which creatinine is a common standard to assess patient’s kidney condition.

Urine test

As we know, urine is filtered by kidney, and there will be much substances should be kept in blood leaking out from patient’s kidney when patient has kidney damage, such as protein, red cell, etc.

In fact, patient’s creatinine level will not have obvious rise until more than two thirds of kidney function is damaged, so it is necessary for patient to have urine test to make sure his condition.

Image tests

Patient can also choose image tests to make his kidney condition clear, because that is much exacter than urine and blood tests. And patient can choose tests like CT, ultrasound, etc.

Renal biopsy

This is a very exact measure to make sure patient’s kidney condition. In this test, a bit of tissue will be taken out from patient’s kidney, so whether patient has kidney failure can be found out in a short time, but this test is a little painful.

These are the common tests that patient may use to diagnose his kidney failure. While patients may be examined by other measures, because there are so many examining measures.



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