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Will Cold Medicine Cause Kidney Failure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-05-31 09:20

Cold Medicine & Kidney FailureYou may have heard of such an amazing story: Someone’ s Kidney Failure is caused by the cold medicine. Is it right? What should we do to keep away from kidney disease ? Here the article may can help you take better care of yourself. ONLINE DOCTOR can offer more details about this for you directly and quickly for free.

Kidney Failure is a progressive loss of kidney function over several months or years. It may be caused by various reasons and will also lead to many other severe symptoms and complications. For patients,this is very dangerous.

As the disease worsens,systemic multiple systems and organs will be damaged badly,effecting patients daily life. Owing to the renal disease,the risk of suffering from the CVD (Cardiovascular Disease),anemia,pericarditis and so on will be increased.

Cold medicine makes a general reference of the medicine that can be used to cure cold,including Traditional Chinese Medicine Patent Prescription,decoction (of herbal medicine) and Western Medicine,etc. Owing to the complicated symptoms caused by influenza,there is no one kind fo medicine that can be taken to slove all the problems.

In our daily life,many patients take medicine follow their own will. Some medicine which they commonly use,Traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine,are both the choices for almost all of patients. Besides,some patients may take medicine casually or in excess for early rehabilitation,which is dangerous for their physical condition,especially for some patients who have chronic disease.

Excess or a mixture use of drug increases the side effects,causing worse symptoms and complications. With the long-term bad habit,patients kidneys will be effected and lead to the renal disease. More seriously,the renal damage will be damaged worse,and Kidney Failure may be caused .

For patients with long-standing high blood pressure and diabetes or other chronic diseases,it is necessary for them to take some regular tests on their kidneys or some other organs. Timely and effective diagnosis and treatments play an important role in controlling and relieving their inpaired kidneys.

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