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Heads up! Harmful Slimming Tea for Your Kidneys

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-01-29 17:16

Heads up! Harmful Slimming Tea for Your Kidneys“Take slimming tea on time every day and no exercise. Just sleep well that I can keep slim. I am really very smart. ” said Amely, almost to herself, then tossed off the cup a mug of slimming tea. In this time, she never thought that a tragedy would happen on her after 10 days:

In the 4th day, she just felt giddy and sick, but this is not so serious and she also thought that these are the normal reactions of taking this tea. Then she also insisted on taking the slimming tea. After 11th day, she got severer emesis even faint and other symptoms. Then she was sent to hospital by her family.

After the diagnosis, she was diagnosed with mild Kidney Failure. Fortunately, her disease condition is not so serious and come back to life after the treatments. After the event, she ask the factors of suffering kidney disease, the result surprises her and her family.

The doctor says, “ The sennoside in slimming tea Amely took is out of limits. Overdoses of this medicine will beak the electrolyte balance, causing severe diarrhoea even Aute Kindye Failure or Hepatic Failure.” Doctor advises that madams should be more cautious to take slimming tea to keep slim.

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