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The Main Treatments For Kidney Cysts

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-15 14:10

The Main Treatments For Kidney CystsIf the kidney cysts don’t cause any symptoms and don’t interfere with the kidney function in the early stage, treatment is not necessary for patients. Although they don’t need treatments, they need to check if the kidney cysts enlarge through ultrasound or CT scan periodically. However, treatment is needed if patients have symptoms.

1.Conventional treatment

Antibiotic therapy.

If infection occurs, doctor will use antibiotic treatments for the infected cysts. The doctor may order an antibiotic specific for the infection.

Needle puncture.

This is chosen to treat a large kidney cyst. In this treatment, a needle guided by ultrasound or x-rays will insert through the skin into the kidney cyst. Then the fluid outflow from the cyst, and the cyst will be filled with an alcohol solution to prevent it from reforming. But the kidney cyst may appear again after the treatment.

Laparoscopic cyst removal.

For the kidney cyst which is difficult to remove, a surgery may be needed. In the surgery, the doctor will insert the laparoscope into a small incision in the abdomen. Then the fluid will be drained from the cyst, and any excess tissue will be taken out. Patients only need to stay in hospital for two or three days.

If the kidney cyst develop into kidney failure, dialysis and a kidney transplant may be necessary.

In extreme cases, particularly if severe infection or cancer cause irreversible damage, patients may need to remove the whole kidney by an operation.

2.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy is an effective treatment basing on the traditional Chinese medicine. The super-finely shattered Chinese herbs can give full play to regulate and feed the body. It is applied externally, and there is no side effects to patients’ body. Our experts often treat the kidney cyst from two aspects:

Control the growth of kidney cysts.

Treatment for the enlarged cysts.

On one hand, using Micro-Chinese Medicine Ospotherapy can treat the kidney cysts, and prevent the enlarge and recurrence of kidney cysts. On the other hand, during the treatment process, Chinese medicines provide nutrients like vitamins, organic acid,etc, which will repair the kidney damage and the damaged kidney intrinsic cells will be repaired overtime.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Ospotherapy provide a new hope for patients with kidney cysts to live a normal life. If you want to know more about our treatments, you can contact our experts online, We are here to help you.



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