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Chinese Treatment for Solitary Kidney Cyst

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-18 09:02

Chinese Treatment for Solitary Kidney CystSolitary kidney cyst describes as one cyst developing in kidney. If kept in small size, this cyst won’t cause any problem on kidney and patient’s overall health. To prevent the solitary kidney cyst from growing, some Chinese treatments and medicines are helpful.

Of course, the treatment should depend on patient’s illness condition, so here, we can only give some general treatment advices. (To give personalized advices for free, you have to tell us your kidney cyst size and whether you have some symptoms in the below form or sending them to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com.)

What is solitary kidney cyst?

Generally speaking, solitary kidney cyst is simple cyst filled with clear fluid and sometimes some blood. Our kidneys have strong compensatory ability that can still work normally with this small mass, since it is disjunct to kidney functioning tissues . However, as kidney cyst grows, it may cause some problems even with only one cyst in kidney. This is because kidneys are just as big as our fist. If kidney cyst becomes larger than 3 cm, it is more likely to cause some symptoms and complications by damaging surrounding kidney tissues and compressing adjacent organs.

How does Chinese treatment deal with solitary kidney cyst?

Surgery is usually used to remove big kidney cyst, but it may cause loss of kidney functioning tissues, while Chinese treatment aims at draining cystic fluid and protect the whole kidney. According to patients’ medical case, doctors of TCM will prescribe some effective medicines. Then, these medicines are super-shattered and put into osmotic devices. With two devices in patient’s lower back, active ingredients of these medicines can permeate into kidneys for shrinking kidney cyst. For solitary kidney cyst, Chinese treatment can produce the following benefits:

- Drain this solitary kidney cyst

- Protect kidney functioning tissues

- Ease patients’ symptoms such as back pain and blood urine

- Prevent the recurrence of kidney cyst

- Improve patients’ immunity to fight against infections and cold


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