Home Remedy to Shrink Simple Large Kidney Cyst

2014-06-13 11:01

Home Remedy to Shrink Simple Large Kidney CystSimple kidney cyst is commonly found in human, especially elderly adults. With its growth, it becomes painful and symptomatic. In this case, doctors may recommend aspiration or other surgery. In fact, some home remedies are also helpful. What home remedies can help shrink large kidney cyst?

Today, we would like to firstly introduce top 5 remedies that can help these patients, including:

Top 1: Drink enough water or fruit juice

If you have large kidney cyst but can still urinate normally, water can increase your urine output for flushing urinary tract and removing out more wastes and toxins. From this point, water can help deal with patients’ kidney infections. Some fruit juice like berry juice contains rich vitamin C is also a good choice to prevent urinary tract infections.

Top 2: Give flaxseed oil, selenium, vitamin E a try

These substances are always recommended along with raw fruits or vegetables juice for people with large kidney cyst, because they can help shrink large renal cysts and prevent complications. You can consult the doctor online to determine which one of them you need to supplement.

Top 3: Do exercise correctly

Moderate exercise can help improve patients’ immune system and protect them from further complications. However, bending or stretching movements may cause rupture of kidney cysts. If this happens, it will lead to a lot of other problems.

Top 4: Give up unhealthy habits

Smoking, fumes, overdosage of painkillers, heavy cleaners, etc, will produce extra toxins in our body that can stimulate kidney cysts to enlarge quickly. Therefore, if you have one habit to use one of them, try to stop it.

Top 5: Take organic cure

Some herbs that can be taken in capsule or liquid are indeed beneficial for reducing or eliminating large kidney cysts. For example, dandelion root, corn silk, milk thistle, etc, are used commonly in TCM to deal with large kidney cysts.

The above are only some of home remedies to shrink large kidney cysts. If you want to get more relative information, you can send email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com .

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