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Large Renal Cyst: Symptoms, Treatment and Diet

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-11 09:20

Large Renal Cyst: Symptoms, Treatment and DietLarge renal cyst, or kidney cyst, usually refers to the cyst in kidney bigger than 3 cm or 4 cm. With large size, renal cyst is easy to compress surrounding kidney tissues and other organs, and any knock on kidney area may cause kidney cyst rupture. In this case, it is necessary to find out symptoms, treatment and diet of large renal cyst is necessary.

Symptoms of large renal cyst

Simple renal cyst is one common kidney disorder especially for elderly people or patients on dialysis or with Lupus. When it is in small size, simple kidney cyst usually doesn’t cause any symptom or sign. However, with its expansion, it is more likely to cause the following symptoms, including:

- Back pain, flank pain or kidney pain

- Blood in urine

- Urinary tract infections

- Enlarged abdomen

- Fever, chills and cold

Treatment of large renal cyst

So far, there are mainly two treatment options for large renal cyst. One is surgery, and the other is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

- Surgery: Doctors use one long needle to puncture the cyst and drain sac fluid directly, under microscopic. Then, some substances which contain alcohol are filled into empty sac. This can prevent the relapse of kidney cyst, but in some cases, kidney cysts are still filled with fluid again.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: It aims at prompting sac fluid to be discharged out of the body via circulatory system. Through increasing the permeability of cystic walls and improving blood circulation, more and more sac fluid can be eliminated gradually.

Different patients need different treatments. If you haven’t chosen an effective treatment, you can ask help from doctor online, so they can help you make a treat plan in detail.

Diet of large renal cyst

If uncontrolled effectively, large renal cyst can cause damage to kidney function. Therefore, the right diet for these patients should be able to reduce the burden on kidneys and protect kidneys. Then, a diet plan with the following requirements is needed.

- Low-protein diet with enough high-quality protein

- Low-sodium diet

- Limit the intake of oxalic acid-containing foods

- Give foods rich in omega-3 fatty acid a try

- Drink enough water and cranberry juice

To get a food list what to eat or not eat for people with large renal cyst in detail, you can leave a message to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com. We are glad to share them with you.


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