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What Is The Best Way for Renal Cysts without Any Surgery

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-04-05 15:17

What Is The Best Way for Renal Cysts without Any SurgeryWhat is the best way for Renal Cysts without Any Surgery? According to the clinical studies that Renal cysts is a very common kidney problem fro patients with kidney disease. Cyst size determines the severity of the disease. In common scene, the size over 5 cm needed to take treatment even the surgery. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Why Patients Do Not Want to Take Surgery?

There are several reasons for renal cysts:

1. Renal cysts caused by genetic: Most of the incidence of renal cysts are congenital, caused by a genetic.

2. Renal cysts caused by infection: The main reason for the formation of renal cysts is that the kidney infection.

3. Renal cysts caused by poor diet-induced: For kidneys, it is very sensitive about it , especially in the human gastrointestinal system, effects on kidney function is very obvious.

4. Renal cysts caused by toxins: The reason of the kidney disease is because a large amount of toxin accumulates in the kidneys and hard to discharge.

So that the treatment need to meet with the real reasons of renal cysts. Surgery for it is not the only choice for patients.

What Treatment Can Treat It without Surgery?

Patients need to improve the environment of kidney to prevent the kidney get disease again. So that recover the kidney function and repair the kidney damage, make the kidney have power to keep health by itself. Due to that, Micro-Chinese Medicine Hot Compress Therapy uses the pure Chinese medicine to improve the blood condition in kidney. Healthy blood circulation will take out the toxins and waste out of human body by kidney itself. Thus will help the patients avoid surgery to control the renal cysts.

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