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Looking for Treatments to Get Rid of the Kidney Cysts for PKD Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-12-06 14:00

Looking for Treatments to Get Rid of the Kidney Cysts for PKD PatientsNowadays, some PKD patients told me that they are looking for treatments to get rid of the Kidney Cysts covering on the surface of the kidney. However, in western country you may only can find the surgery, which is not a suitable way to get rid of the kidney cysts. In china, you can get the different solution. Follow me and know them, or contact our ONLINE DOCTOR.

What are the harms of the kidney cysts for PKD patients?

These kidney cysts grow in the surface of the kidney, and with time going on, they will enlarge gradually. Then a large amount of the space of the kidney will be taken place. Due to the kidney cysts, the kidney will become swollen and compress other tissues, which can lead to other diseases. And the toxic fluid in the kidney cysts will infect the kidney. If there is not effective controlling, the PKD will worsen to kidney failure or end stage renal disease.

Chinese medical treatment to get rid of kidney cysts for PKD patients

Our Chinese medical herbs have a strong effects to shrink the kidney cysts. We combine some Chinese medical herbs to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Applying this therapy, we need to make some Chinese medical herbs into micro powders, and we put them into two small medical sacks, then cover them on the waist part. Through helping by some equipments, these medical powders can reach to the kidney cysts parts. So that the toxic fluid in the cysts will be absorbed, the permeability of the kidney cells will be improved, some blocked blood vessels will be expanded. At last, you will find that the cysts will become small and small.

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