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Natural Remedies for Kidney Cysts without Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-11-07 09:30

Natural Remedies for Kidney Cysts without DialysisKidney Cysts is a common kidney disease among people, they are cysts which are full of toxic fluid and will take the place of the normal tissue. They enlarge the kidneys and make them work poorly, and even can lead to Kidney Failure. When the conditions of patients are worsening, they always be suggested to do the dialysis or kidney transplantation. However, most of patients reject to do that. Why? Our ONLINE DOCTOR can tell you the truth, or you also can get some useful information from my article.

Why so many kidney cysts patients reject the dialysis

When the kidney can not work well for people, the dialysis always help to remove harmful substances form the blood. So when the patients go to the hospital, the doctor always suggest them to do the dialysis. While, everything has two faces, the dialysis is so harmful to the patients. After the dialysis, the kidney cysts patients can suffer form a lot of the side effects, such as vomiting, anemia, fatigue, low blood pressure, headache and so on. What’s more? The dialysis has no ability of shrinking the kidney cysts. So it is not a good choice for kidney cysts patients.

Natural remedies for kidney cysts without dialysis

It is so different for us to treat the kidney cells compared with western. We mainly make good use of the Chinese medical herbs to deal with the kidney cells. There is a great therapy based on the medical herbs, it is called as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. In this therapy, the medical herbs are supposed to crush into medical powders. So that they can be sent to the kidney cysts parts easily. When the kidney cysts meet the active Chinese medicine, they will be shrank. And the kidney blood vessels will be expanded then, the kidney cysts will become small and small.

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