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What’s Reasons of Bleeding for Kidney Cysts

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-09-16 11:24

What’s Reasons of Bleeding for Kidney CystsWhy does complex kidney cyst cause bleeding? Complex Kidney Cyst, compared with simple kidney cyst, can cause more serious complications, for irregularities within the walls of cysts or the contents of cyst. With the growth of cysts, complex kidney cysts may cause bleeding or even cancer. Why does complex kidney cyst cause bleeding? ONLINE DOCTOR may help you. 

What’s Treatment of Kidney Cysts?

There are three risks for people with complex kidney cyst. One is cyst calcification, because there is mineral calcium within cystic walls. The second one is kidney cancer. It is reported that 13%-90% of kidney cysts have a risk of developing into kidney cancer. The last one is bleeding, as a part of complex kidney cyst gets a blood supply. With the growth of complex kidney cysts, any knock in kidney area may cause kidney cyst to rupture, thus resulting in kidney bleeding. If uncontrolled effectively, kidney bleeding can lead to kidney infections or even kidney failure.

If you have complex kidney cyst and find blood in your urine, the first thing you need to do is to prevent kidney infections. In this case, drinking enough water and cranberry juice can help flush urinary tract, and having more rest in bed can help control your bleeding. If necessary, antibiotics are also needed.

In addition, some other methods should also be taken to prevent the rupture of complex kidney cysts again. Here, you can try Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Through shrinking kidney cysts and inhibiting the sac fluid supplements, correct medicines with some auxiliary treatments do help treat complex kidney cysts effectively. As for what medicines are helpful for you, it should depend on your illness condition. To learn more about these treatments, you can consult the doctor online directly or leave a message below.

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