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Can Kidney Cyst Raise Your Blood Pressure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-14 15:38

Can Kidney Cyst Raise Your Blood PressureIf patients don’t pay more attention to the kidney cyst, especially when it enlarges to a certain size, it may raise the blood pressure. Therefore, patients who have kidney cyst should measure their blood pressure regularly.

Kidney is an important organ for people. It can filter the blood and discharge wastes in the blood. It also can regulate the blood pressure and reabsorb nutrition that leaked from glomeruli. Through affecting the kidney function, kidney cyst may cause high blood pressure. A small kidney cyst may be not dangerous enough to affect the kidney function, but if it enlarges and oppresses the kidney tissues, then it may damage the kidney function. If kidneys lose their function of regulating the blood pressure, then it may cause high blood pressure.

For kidney cyst patients, high blood pressure often occurs when the kidney function is damaged. So it can be looked as a symptom for kidney cyst patients to remind their kidney damages. High blood pressure is harmful for people, bu it usually has no influence on our body within a short time, so it often be omitted easily by people. In cases of kidney cyst, high blood pressure is a symptom, it worsens kidney condition directly. If patients don’t control the high blood pressure, it will damage the kidney blood vessels and accelerate the progression of kidney problem. Therefore, if patients with kidney cyst don’t want to avoid further kidney damages, they should keep the blood pressure under control.

When the kidney cyst is small and causes no kidney damages, it needs not to be treated. But in this condition, patients should have regular observation and examine the size of cyst. If the kidney cyst enlarges over time, patients should have medical treatments to eliminate or shrink the cyst which will prevent kidney cyst from progressing kidney failure.


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