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Do You Know the Symptoms of Kidney Cyst

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-15 14:13

Do you know the symptoms of kidney cystsKidney cyst may have no symptoms in the early stage. With the enlargement of kidney cyst, patients may have obvious symptoms. Depending on the position the kidney cysts, patients may have different symptoms.

*Pain on your side between your ribs and your hips

*Pain in your belly or back

*Dull pain or sever pain

*Become infected,causing fever,chills, or other signs of infection

*Frequent urination

*Blood in your urine or dark urine

*Foamy urine

*High blood pressure

*Tumor in kidney

*Reduction of kidney function

These symptoms do not always indicate you have kidney cysts, but if you have some of these symptoms, you need to have examines. Because these symptoms may also signals of other health problems. If you have kidney cysts, don’t worry, it can be treated effectively with the help of different treatment methods.



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