What Kind of Symptoms Mean That IgA Nephropathy Condition Get Worse

2016-10-05 10:43

IgA Nephropathy,Condition Get Worse,Hematuria,Renal failureWhat kind of symptoms mean that IgA Nephropathy Condition Get Worse? I have iga neph stage 1. I have experience flank pain in my right side, is that mean my condition got worsen? Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

What are the symptoms of IgA Nephropathy condition get worse?

1. Hematuria

For patients with IGA nephritis, it is common to see that they will have gross hematuria in the upper respiratory tract infection after a few hours to two days, this kind of condition, this situation will probably last a few hours or days, there are a small number of patients will last for a week.There are individual patients with severe abdominal pain and back pain, which may be associated with intestinal IGA vasculitis have a certain relationship. Secondly, there are many patients with proteinuria or no symptoms of hematuria.

2. Renal failure

There are less than 10 percent of patients will cause acute renal failure symptom, and usually, this situation can be self-mitigation. However, between 20 and 25 percent of patients will need dialysis because these patients are caused by crescentic glomerulonephritis. Second, there are some children and young people will have nephrotic syndrome, patients often appear with chronic hyperplasia or not accompanied by glomerular sclerosis and so on.

From the above contents that flank pain can be a kind of symptoms to show your condition get worse now. For patients with IGA nephritis, in addition to the diet must be carried out, the need for comprehensive treatment of drugs is also necessary and should be as soon as possible.

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