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Kidney Cyst Size , Renal Cyst Sizes

The kidney cyst size determines the danger of your renal cysts. If it is larger than 3 or 4 cm, you should pay more attention.

Is 4.4 cm Cyst in the Kidney Considered a Large Cyst

Is 4.4 cm cyst in kidney considered a large or small cyst? Simple kidney cyst occurs commonly in elderly adults and rarely in children and young adults. If it has small size, carriers can live with renal cyst without any symptom. However, w...

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Is 8 cm Cyst in Kidney Bad

Is 8 cm cyst in kidney bad? The answer is certain. Kidney cyst is a bag of fluid. Over 50 % of people over age 50 have kidney cyst. Under normal circumstances, they do not cause any symptoms, but if they enlarge constantly, you may have to...

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What Size Kidney Cyst Is Considered Large

A lot of elderly adults are checked out at least one kidney cyst. If the kidney cyst is small, it usually wont cause symptoms. On the downside, it may lead to lower back pain or blood urine. What size kidney cyst is considered large? How ab...

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Is Surgery Recommended for 5.1*7.6cm Kidney Cyst

Recently, we receive an e-mail in which a patient asked a question, is surgery recommended for 5.1*7.6 cm kidney cyst? In order to answer this question, I want to introduce what kidney cyst is first. Generally speaking, kidney cyst is a kin...

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