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How To Improve Kidney Cyst Prognosis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-14 16:23

How To Improve Kidney Cyst PrognosisKidney cyst is common for patients who are more than 50 years old. However, depending on the different illness condition, the patients with kidney cyst have different prognosis. Then how to improve kidney cyst prognosis becomes the patients’ biggest concern.

What affects the kidney cyst prognosis?

The kidney cyst can be divided into two kinds depending on the different characteristics. They are simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst. The simple kidney cyst is a spherical space somewhere in the kidney that is filled with liquid. There is nothing but fluid in the simple kidney cyst, which when removed is usually yellow or clear. A simple kidney cyst has no risk of becoming a kidney cancer and there is nothing to worry about. A complex kidney cyst is different from a simple kidney cyst, because there may have irregularities within the walls of the cyst or within the contents of the cyst. And it is more likely to cause kidney cancer. Through the classification of kidney cyst, we can know what kind of patients’ kidney cyst decides their prognosis largely. Besides, there are some other factors can affect patients’ prognosis, such as patients’ age, the size of the biggest cyst, kidney cyst rupture and the kidney involvement.

How to improve kidney cyst prognosis?

We have known the risk factors of bad kidney cyst prognosis from the above, so we should avoid or reduce the risk factors as much as possible, then we can improve the kidney cyst prognosis. We cann’t change the age of people, so we need to improve the kidney cyst prognosis from other factors, such as to shrink kidney cysts, avoid cystic rupture and reduce kidney involvement. In order to achieve these goals, we recommend a heathy lifestyle and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Patients with kidney cyst should have a strict diet which is helpful for their illness. They should limit the sodium intake, keep a proper intake of high-quality protein, high-vitamin, have more vegetables, more fruits and keep low-fat diet. In addition, proper exercises such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc, are also helpful for the whole treatment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a traditional Chinese treatment combing Chinese herbal medicine and western medicine which can shrink kidney cysts. This treatment can expand blood vessels, block the source of sac fluid and promote primary sac fluid to reabsorb and discharge out of the body through blood circulation. After a series of treatment, patients with kidney cysts can find their overall health enhanced largely.

For patients with kidney cyst, to improve the kidney cyst prognosis is the most important thing. If you are suffering this disease and you want to find an effective treatment, you can learn more about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you still have any further questions, you are always welcome to contact us for more information.



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