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Is Small Renal Cortical Cyst Dangerous

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-27 10:37

Is Small Renal Cortical Cyst DangerousIs small renal cortical cyst dangerous? Yesterday, one patient complains that he got one small 10mm cortical cyst at upper pole of right kidney, but now he hasn’t got any symptom. He consults what he should do now.

What is renal cortical cyst definition?

Renal cortical cyst is one kind of simple kidney cyst that develops in renal cortex. Within renal cortex, about one million of nephrons, kidney functioning tissues, develop. Because nephrons consist of glomeruli and renal tubules, renal cortex determines whether kidneys can filter out extra fluid, wastes and toxins normally.

Is renal cortical cyst dangerous?

From the above analysis, we can know whether renal cortical cyst is dangerous determines whether it affects renal cortex function or damages surrounding kidney tissues. To detect if your renal cortical cyst is too big, you can firstly check whether you have the following symptoms.

- Lower back pain, kidney pain or flank pain

- Hematuria or blood in urine

- Frequent urination or have pain when urinate

- Urinary tract infections

Any of these symptoms may indicate enlarged or ruptured kidney cyst. Generally speaking, doctors will tell your kidney cyst is too large when it is larger than 3 or 4 cm. 10mm renal cortical cyst is still small in size, so patients may not have any symptom. At present, what we need to do is to stop its growth and prevent further problems. For small kidney cyst, surgery can do nothing. Therefore, the only treatment is to develop a healthy diet, lifestyle and some Chinese medicines.

- A scientific diet: It is reported that water can help stop simple kidney cyst from growing, because it is able to help flush urinary tract and remove more wastes. Besides, berry juice is also one good choice, and low-sodium and low-protein diet is needed.

- Healthy lifestyle: If you have a habit to drink caffeine-containing drinks, alcohol or beer, try to quit it. This is good to shrink kidney cyst.

- Traditional Chinese Medicine: Different from surgery, traditional Chinese medicine is good at draining kidney cysts, both small and big. With correct medicines, patients can find their symptoms eased obviously, because of renal cortical cyst shrinkage. Ask the doctor to see which medicine suits for you.


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