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The Main Diagnosis About Kidney Cysts

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-14 15:26

The Main Diagnosis About Kidney CystsWe all know that kidneys are important organs of human body. Its main function is to expel the waste products and the toxins from the body. If wastes build up in the kidneys, cysts will appear. We call the cysts formed in the kidneys as kidney cysts.

The cysts are not found in the early stage, because it has no symptoms. However, kidney cyst is often found in a test like imaging tests when people examine for other diseases.

Tests used to diagnose simple kidney cysts may include:

Imaging tests

Imaging tests include ultrasound, computerized tomography (CT) scan and MRI-magnetic resonance imaging. These tests are used to investigate simple kidney cysts, and they can help the doctor to determine whether the kidney mass is a cyst or a tumor.

Ultrasound of the kidneys.

During the test, a transducer, which is wand-like device, is placed on the body. Then it will emit inaudible sound waves which are reflected back to the transducer- like sonar. A computer will reflect the sound waves into images of the kidneys. The doctor can see the size and number of cysts from the images.

CT scan

This test uses special X-ray equipment to create cross-sectional pictures of body. With the X-ray technology and powerful computers, images are produced. During the test, people lie still on a table, the table pass through the center of a large X-ray machine slowly. This test is done with no pain.


During the procedure, people will lie inside a large cylinder. Then cross-sectional views of the kidneys will be produced through magnetic fields and radio waves.

Kidney function tests.

Through a sample of blood test, the doctor can find if the kidney cysts damage your kidney function.

Through these tests, patients can know the condition of their kidney cysts. If patients find their kidney cysts earlier, they can have treatment timely.




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