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What Are The Main Causes Of Kidney Cyst

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-11 13:50

What Are The Main Causes Of Kidney Cyst  What are kidney cyst?

As people get older, fluid may retain in sacs which are formed in the kidneys. These sacs are called kidney cysts. The cysts are usually small oval or round thin-walled sacs with fluid in them.

Usually, kidney cysts don’t cause any problems and most people can go through life without knowing the exist of kidney cysts. But the enlargement of kidney cysts will aggravate the kidney damage or even lead to kidney failure. In order to prevent the kidney cysts, we should know the main causes of kidney cysts firstly.

What are the main causes of kidney cysts?

Many factors in your daily life can cause kidney cysts which may affect your normal life. Depending on the rich experiences of our experts, we can conclude the main causes as follows:

Various infections

As infection is a common cause of kidney disease, various infections may provide a profitable condition for the potential kidney cyst gene which will cause the damage of kidney tubules or the forming of kidney cysts.


As the pollution is becoming more and more serious, toxins may build up in the body. This may cause the genetic change in kidney tubules. Once the gene is changed, kidney cysts may be produced and enlarged continually.

Daily diet

Unhealthy diet is also a main cause of kidney cysts. Unreasonable diet, dirt food, spicy food, too cold or too hot food etc may cause the kidney cysts to form and grow.

Fatigue and weakness

Overwork, irregular life style will make you fatigue and weakness, and your immunity will decrease which will cause many diseases. Therefore, fatigue and weakness may cause the formation of kidney cysts.

Other risk factors

Age: the risk of kidney cysts increase with age. A survey show that up to 50 percent of people older than 50 years of age have kidney cysts.

Smoking and drinking: we all know that smoking and drinking alcohol is harmful to people, and they can lead to kidney disease. On the other hand, they can increase the risk of kidney cysts.

These main causes of kidney cysts warn us to pay attention to our health, we should prevent these risk factors and have a health life style. Besides, we can have regular imaging tests to keep our health, because most of the people with kidney cysts are examined when they have a imaging test for other disease.




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