IgA Nephropathy, IgAN, Berger's disease,Symptoms, Treatments, Causes, Diet ,prognosis

This page mainly talk about causes, symptoms, treatments, diet and prognosis of IgA Nephropathy, also known as IgAN or Berger’disease.


    IgA Nephropathy Causes

    Although IgA Nephropathy causes are not well understood, abnormal immune system and deposits of immune complexes can cause IgA Nephropathy.

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    IgA Nephropathy Symptoms

    The most common IgA Nephropathy signs and symptoms are blood in urine and swelling. Well management of signs of Berger’s disease is every important.

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    IgA Nephropathy Treatment

    The key of IgA Nephropathy treatment is to repair damaged kidney cells and regulate immune system. With doctors’ help, learn to treat Berger’s disease.

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    IgA Nephropathy Diet

    Figuring out food and nutrition to treat Berger’s Disease can help you arrange a useful and healthy IgA Nephropathy diet.

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    IgA Nephropathy Prognosis

    IgA Nephropathy prognosis changes from person to person. If you want to know how to improve Berger’s disease prognosis, you can find the answer here.

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