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Treatment Options for IgA Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-06 15:28

Treatment Options for IgA NephropathyAlthough IgA Nephropathy progresses slowly, most of cases eventually develop into kidney failure. The earlier they take effective treatment, the better their health condition. Well, what are treatment options for IgA Nephropathy patients?

Firstly, figure out the root cause of IgA Nephropathy.

Normally, when foreign things, also known as antigens, invade our body, antibodies are produced to fight against these things. Then, our circulatory system discharges immune complexes, combination of antigens and antibodies, out of the body. However, once immune system is disturbed, it can’t play its function properly.

For some immune disorders, immunoglobulin A gets into kidneys and deposits in glomeruli, causing inflammation. Finally, IgA leads to damage to glomeruli and then blood and protein leaks from the kidney into urine.

Treatments options for IgA Nephropathy

From the above analysis, we can know for managing IgA Nephropathy, the key is to inhibit immune reactions and inflammation. Here, we have three treatment options. Consult the online doctor to determine which one is suitable for you.

1. Steroids and immunosuppressants: These medications have an effect on inhibiting immune reactions, by weakening immune system and stopping the activity of immune complexes. If patients have proteinuria, their effect will be more obvious. However, at the same time, these medications also produce many side effects, some of which may be life-threatening.

2. Immunotherapy: With help of various blood purification methods, this therapy can help clear immune complexes from the body. Then, some medications are used to repair damaged kidney cells, so as to improve kidney function.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: It is based on TCM. As an external osmosis therapy, it can make shattered herbs do their work directly in kidney area. Some of these medicines can dissolve immune complexes, while some others are able to regulate patient’s immune system. Finally, the normalized immune system can remove immune complexes from the body.

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