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Can IgA Nephropathy Or Lupus Nephritis Be Cured With TCM

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2019-05-30 10:07

Lupus Nephritis,IgA Nephropathy,TCMThere are many kinds of symptoms means that you are in improved: negative urinary protein, creatinine reduced to normal range, edema disappeared, and so on.

Can Kidney Disease Be Cured?

Clinically, we generally believe that patients after treatment, urinary protein negative, renal function returned to normal, edema disappeared to achieve the "cure" standard, that is, to achieve the relief of clinical treatment. At the same time, the prognostic indicators of patients fully reached the normal level, no recurrence as a "cure".

In fact, the treatment results of Chronic Kidney Disease mainly focus on "improvement" or "partial remission", which means that after treatment, urinary protein, creatinine are reduced to the appropriate range, basic swelling, blood pressure control stability and so on.

Regardless of the outcome of nephropathy treatment, remission of symptoms and normalization of indicators are the most important external manifestations, but the difference of pathological types of nephropathy itself results in different therapeutic effects.

To what extent is treatment appropriate for different kidney diseases?

For different purposes of nephropathy treatment, microlesions, membranous nephropathy stage I and II, and some IGA nephropathy can be cured or completely alleviated. If the effect is good, it can be cured without recurrence. The clinical criteria for radical treatment include negative urinary protein, normal plasma albumin and creatinine.

There are also stage III and IV membranous nephropathy, Lee's grade 4 and grade 5 IgA Nephropathy and other nephropathy treatment, mainly to improve the symptoms of the disease, reduce protein, maintain renal function, urinary protein negative need not be pursued excessively. There are also Lupus Nephritis treatment focuses on controlling lupus activity, alleviating or improving disease symptoms, reducing urinary protein levels. On the whole, with the deepening of the disease, the treatment of chronic kidney disease is more to delay the progress of the disease, protect renal function and slow down the speed of renal failure.

Despite the differences in the therapeutic purposes of different kidney diseases, the general principles of treatment are to gradually stabilize the condition, eliminate the symptoms of the disease as far as possible, reduce the impact of complications, avoid recurrence and so on.

Therefore, the treatment of nephropathy does not necessarily need to achieve the conversion of urinary protein and occult blood to negative. Creatinine sometimes does not need to completely return to normal, but attention should be paid to the elimination and alleviation of edema, which is to prevent the risk of heart failure caused by edema. At the same time, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipid, blood uric acid, blood potassium, blood phosphorus and other indicators must be controlled in a safe range.

Overall, the treatment of chronic kidney disease pursues more physical relative health status, including survival time and quality of life. As for negative urinary protein and recovery of serum creatinine, it can achieve the best, but it is not deliberately emphasized.



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