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How To Prevent Toxic Nephropathy And IgA Nephropathy In Children

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2019-02-18 09:11

Toxic Nephropathy,IgA Nephropathy,PreventKidney disease may caused by all kinds of factors, a part of patients asked, How to prevent toxic nephropathy and IgA Nephropathy in children. Following this article to get answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

How to prevent toxic nephropathy? What preventive methods do toxic nephropathy have?

(1)Stop contact with poisons.

(2) To promote the excretion of toxic substances, infusion, application of antidotes, dialysis treatment if necessary. Those with small molecular weight, little protein binding and even distribution in the body can be discharged through hemodialysis. The effect of peritoneal dialysis is good for those with high protein binding rate. Caution should be taken in plasma exchange therapy.

(3) Symptomatic treatment.

(4) Measures should be taken according to the types of renal damage. If acute drug-induced allergic interstitial nephritis, manifested as nephrotic syndrome, without contraindications, can use adrenocortical hormone, immunosuppressive drugs or adrenocortical hormone shock therapy. Renal failure can be treated by peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis.

How to prevent children's IgA Nephropathy?

At present, there is no clear preventive method, so we should actively prevent and treat various infections of respiratory and digestive tracts. IgA nephropathy is an immunoreactive disease, so in order to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of this disease, we should first avoid the invasion of antigen substances. Therefore, we should actively prevent and treat respiratory tract infections, avoid gastrointestinal mucosal damage, and minimize food intake that may become antigen substances.

Tonsillectomy can be considered after inflammation control when it is found that the patient's onset is related to repeated inflammation of the tonsils. We should try to eat less spicy food and avoid smoking and alcohol.

While absorbing nutrition, adolescents should pay attention to balanced and light diet and not eat too much high-protein and high-fat food. In addition, in learning and working, we should pay attention to rest and avoid overwork.

Moderate physical exercise can enhance physical fitness and reduce all kinds of infections or tonsillitis caused by cold and weak physique. However, in sports, attention should also be paid to the control of quantity, not excessive exercise, resulting in excessive fatigue.

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