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Micardis for IgA Nephropathy Patients with High Blood Pressure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-12 09:20

Micardis for IgA Nephropathy Patients with High Blood PressureIgA Nephropathy is one common glomerulonephritis that can cause inflammatory reaction in kidneys. Some of people with IgA Nephropathy have serious high blood pressure. If you happen to have this problem, you may be familiar with micardis. This is because micardis is often used to manage hypertension.

What is micardis?

Micardis is one specific type of angiotesin II recepor antagonist. Through preventing blood vessels from narrowing, micardis is used to reduce hypertension and increase blood flow throughout the body. Also, micardis can help reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases.

When do IgA Nephropathy patients need to take this medicine?

For people with kidney disease and high blood pressure, ACEI and ARB are usually recommended to manage their blood pressure. However, in some cases, ACEI and ARB can’t work very well. When these medications fail to work, doctors may prescribe micardis. However, before taking this medicine, you had better tell your doctor if you have the following conditions.

- Low kidney function level

- Liver disease

- Dehydration

- Congestive heart failure

- You are pregnant

What are the side effects of micardis?

In most cases, micardis won’t cause serious side effects. But, some patients do suffer from muscle pain, weakness, fever, dark urine, or tenderness. Severely, this medicine can the break down of skeletal muscle tissues that can lead to kidney failure directly. From this point, some patients want to know whether there is alternative medicine or treatment to micardis.

Some alternative treatments for lowering high blood pressure

To deal with serious high blood pressure, some systemic treatments may be more helpful. For example Medicated Bath is a natural remedy for people with IgA Nephropathy. It can help expand blood vessels and prompt sweating, so blood pressure comes down naturally. Besides, medicated bath is also good to improve patients’ immune system, so it can help control kidney inflammation and treat IgA Nephropathy.

Many other treatments can also help reduce high blood pressure. If you want to know more about them, you can leave me a message. I can give you some suggestions in detail.


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