What Can be Natural Treatment for IgA Nephropathy

2016-11-06 14:52

IgA Nephropathy,Natural Treatment,ImmunotherapyWhat can be Natural Treatment for IgA Nephropathy? Due to IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune disease, the treatment should be started from normalizing patient’s immune system and improving immunity. Call for ONLINE DOCTOR.

Effective natural treatment for IgA Nephropathy in clinic:

Immunotherapy is a natural treatment for IgA Nephropathy and has been proven to be effective in dealing with IgA Nephropathy. Now, let’s learn how is IgA Nephropathy treated by Immunotherapy.

Different from conventional treatment, Immunotherapy is a combination of western medicines and Chinese medicines. We know western medicines and Chinese medicines treat kidney disease in different way and they show different treatment effects. By combining the advantageous of them, treatment effects can be improved greatly.

For people with IgA Nephropathy, it is great necessary for them to bring all damaging symptoms under control. IgA Nephropathy is a kidney disorder characterized by IgA immune complexes which are formed when antigen combines with IgA antibody. These immune complexes deposit in mesangial area and cause inflammation which damage surrounding kidney tissues directly. Therefore, to avoid further kidney damages, there is a necessary improve their immunity and on the basis of this, remove IgA immune complexes in mesangial area.

In Immunotherapy, when patient’s illness condition gets table, Chinese medicines are used to achieve these medical purpose. These Chinese medicines have function to extend blood vessels, block inflammation, prevent coagulation and degrade extracellular matrix. With the help of Chinese medicines, not only patient’s immune system can normalized, but also patient’s immunity can be strengthened which can help to prevent the formation of new IgA immune complexes. What is more, IgA immune complexes that have deposited in mesangial area can be removed little by little.

Immunotherapy is not the only treatment option for IgA Nephropathy patients, but it is the most natural treatment, as it causes no side effects during the whole process. So that we called this kind of treatment which do not have damage on patients as natural treatment.

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