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Seek Effective Treatment for IgA with High GFR

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-01-01 14:12

Seek Effective Treatment for IgA with High GFR“My mother has IgA with high GRF and feel uncomfortable such as fatigue, vomiting and so on .” There are some questions about what is formula to access GFR for CKD patients. If you have any question please ask our ONLINE DOCTOR.” We will give professional guidance as soon as possible.

GFR is used to measure renal function decline in the course of chronic kidney disease, and can be used to estimate the extent and development of functional renal damage, and to guide the diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases. In the part of the small disease variant nephrotic syndrome, the osmotic pressure of the glomerular capillary is lower, but the glomerular lesion is light, so the steel furnace is increased. GFR can be increased during pregnancy, postpartum recovery is normal.

How to treat IgA with high GFR?

IgA Nephropathy is the most common primary disease, and is the main reason of renal failure. the disease accounts for fifteen percent to forty percent of the primary glomerulonephritis in our country. It is amazing, because it's clinical manifestation is very much, is also very complicated, the prognosis is very big difference. So patients should be take effective treatment.

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