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IgA Nephropathy Treatment,How to Treat Berger's disease

The key of IgA Nephropathy treatment is to repair damaged kidney cells and regulate immune system. With doctors’ help, learn to treat Berger’s disease.

Can IgA Nephropathy Or Lupus Nephritis Be Cured With TCM

There are many kinds of symptoms means that you are in improved: negative urinary protein, creatinine reduced to normal range, edema disappeared, and so on. ...

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How To Prevent Toxic Nephropathy And IgA Nephropathy In Children

Kidney disease may caused by all kinds of factors, a part of patients asked, How to prevent toxic nephropathy and IgA nephropathy in children. Following this article to get answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free. ...

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How To Deal With Cold And Infection In Nephrotic Syndrome

From the statistical factors inducing recurrence, colds are the most important inducing factors. The loss of a large number of proteins from urine in patients with nephrotic syndrome includes important components of our immune defense, such ...

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IgA Nephropathy Creatinine 5.1 Is It Possible To Avoid Dialysis

IgA nephropathy is a immune disorder disease. In which case, our kidneys are damaged because our immune system can not work well to attack the abnormal substances and to take away the immune complexes in the combination with circulation syst...

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Is It Possible To Cure IgA Nephropathy With Chinese Herbal Medicines

Hi, i know that chinese medicine is very popular in china, may i know that can chinese herbal medicines treat IgA nephropathy? What Chinese herbal medicine is suggested for IgA nephropathy? ...

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Recommended Chinese Herbal Treatment for IgA Nephropathy

“Hi, I know some information about your Chinese herbal treatment for kidney diseases and I heard that Chinese medicine is a good choice for patients. Can you recommend some Chinese herbal treatments for IgA Nephropathy?”...

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What Steps Is to Be Taken for Blood Urine in IgA Nephropathy

Blood Urine (Hematuria) is a symptom of IgA Nephropathy caused by glomerular injury. It can cause panic and worry in patients. In regard to this case, what steps is to be taken? The most important thing certainly is to improve renal function...

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How Does Micro-Chinese Osmotherapy Treat Hematuria in IgA Nephropathy

Hematuria is one of the common symptoms of IgA Nephropathy. If left untreated timely or properly, the disease will progress worse and worse to threaten the patients’ life. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be a good therapy to treat h...

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Treatment and Management of IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a very common primary gloermular disease, which is marked by repeated gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria. Proteinuria may also occur in some cases. Well then, what is the treatment and management of IgA Nephropathy?...

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Toxin-Removing Treatment Corrects IgA Nephropathy with Proteinuria

When people are suspected to have IgA Nephropathy, they may be companied by foamy urine and protein in urine (Proteinuria). What treatment should be taken? Mature Toxin-Removing Treatment is suggested for IgA Nephropathy patients....

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