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IgA Nephropathy with Periodic Edema in Legs and Weakness in Arms

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-11 09:10

IgA Nephropathy with Periodic Edema in Legs and Weakness in ArmsPatient: My report showed diagnosis of IgA Nephropathy and urine collection showed total protein of 1388. Also, I have periodic edema in legs, weakness in arms, fatigue and flank pain periodically. What should I do to manage these problems?

Doctor: IgA Nephropathy is one kind of glomerulonephritis that occurs when IgA builds up in glomerular mesangial area and causes inflammatory reactions. When glomerular mechanical barrier and charge barrier are damaged, protein will leak from kidneys into urine. Therefore, you are found large protein leakage in urine.

When glomeruli can’t do their work normally, fluid and sodium retention occurs. Fluid retention along with protein leakage causes periodic edema easily. As for weakness in arms and fatigue, they may be due to build up of poisonous substances (toxins), anemia or side effects of some medications. After knowing the causes, the second step is to find out correct treatments.

Polluted Blood Therapy is one treatment created to remove toxins in the blood and repair damaged kidney cells.

On one hand, nephrologists use blood purification methods to cleanse blood and remove immune complexes from the body. However, they can’t cleanse toxins thoroughly. Then, some Chinese medicines which have effect of activating blood and removing stasis are used to clean blood further. Finally, internal environment can recover to normal.

On the other hand, medicines with the property of prompting the restoration of damaged kidney cells are taken, because there is still a chance to recover for damaged but not necrotic cells. Once kidneys can eliminate waste products, toxins and extra water by themselves, the above symptoms will disappear naturally.

Besides medical therapy, eating correct foods and developing a healthy lifestyle are also necessary. To know more about Polluted Blood Therapy or IgA Nephropathy diet, you can fill in the below form. We are glad to give you some suggestions for free.


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