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8 Year Old Child With IgA Nephropathy: Will He Get Arthritis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-28 10:33

8 Year Old Child With IgA Nephropathy: Will He Get ArthritisIgA Nephropathy is one kidney disease that can occur in both children and adults. Yesterday, the mother of one 8 year old child with IgA Nephropathy consulted nephrologist at kidney healthy web whether her child will get arthritis, since there are pain and swelling in his joints. What is our nephrologists’ answer?

Firstly, they give a detailed introduction of IgA Nephropathy.

IgA Nephropathy results from a lot of Immunoglobulin A (IgA) depositing in glomerular mesangial area and causing abnormal inflammatory reaction repeatedly. Because of kidneys’ great compensatory ability, patients usually don’t have obvious symptoms in the early stage. However, as inflammatory reactions lead to more and more damage to three types of glomerular functioning cells including, glomerular epithelial cells, glomerular endothelial cells and glomerular mesangial cells, glomeruli will lose their ability to clearing blood and maintaining the stable internal environment. Then, a series of problems happen. What’s worse, IgA Nephropathy, if left alone, can develop into kidney failure eventually.

Secondly, they tell whether IgA Nephropathy can cause arthritis.

The clinical manifestations of arthritis are redness, swelling, heat, pain and function insufficiency in joints. If serious, arthritis may lead to joint deformity and affect patients’ life quality largely. Generally, arthritis is associated with inflammatory reaction, autoimmune reaction, infections, injury, metabolic disorders, etc.

Since IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune kidney disease, it has a close link with abnormal immune system. For children with IgA Nephropathy, the use of steroids and immunosuppressants can also increase the risk of arthritis. From this point, nephrologists at kidney healthy web preliminarily diagnose this 8 year old child does get arthritis.

Finally, they give some treatment suggestions for this child.

Because both IgA Nephropathy and arthritis are due to abnormal immune system and inflammatory reaction, the best pharmacy should be to normalize patients’ immune system and repair damaged kidneys. According to this requirement, the following treatments may be helpful.

1. Polluted Blood Therapy: With help of herbal medicines and blood purification methods, it can clear the deposits of IgA from the body and correct blood circulation. Finally, it can provide a clean internal environment for kidneys and joints, so as to manage patients’ condition radically.

2. Medicated Bath: It can be taken at either hospital or home. The biggest effect of medicated bath is to boost patients’ immunity and protect them from inflammatory reactions and injury.

There are many other treatments that can help fight against IgA Nephropathy and arthritis. To find out what is best for you or your child, you can contact nephrologists here. They are glad to give you some suggestions for free.


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