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IgA Nephropathy(Berger's Disease) Signs and Symptoms

The most common IgA Nephropathy signs and symptoms are blood in urine and swelling. Well management of signs of Berger’s disease is every important.

How Do IgA Nephropathy Patients Avoid Protein Leaking Again

IgA Nephropathy is one common primary glomerular disease, which is marked by repeated gross hematuria. However, due to glomerular inflammation, protein also will be leaked out. How do IgA Nephropathy patients avoid protein leaking again?...

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How to Treat Edema in IgA Nephropathy with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

IgA Nephropathy patients always complained about that they suffered from edema, backache and fatigue. One of IgA Nephropathy patients said that how to treat edema in IgA Nephropathy?...

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What’s Suitable Treatment for IgA Nephropathy with Creatinine 5.8?

Although IgA Nephropathy progresses slowly, most of cases eventually develop into kidney failure. The earlier they take effective treatment, the better their health condition. Well, what are treatment options for IgA Nephropathy patients?...

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How to Alleviate the High Creatinine for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Creatinine is used to check the renal function clinically but is not a sensitive indicator. It is related to patient’s GFR closely (Glomerular Filtration Rate). When patient’s GFR drops into normal 1/3, patient’s disease condition is n...

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Symptoms of IgA Nephropathy

IGA nephritis is the kind of the primary glomerulopathy with the feature of Iga that wide range deposition, which appears repeated relapsing gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria, mesangial cell hyperplasia, matrix increasing.The symptoms...

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Is Hematuria Serious in IgA Nephropathy and How to Relieve It

Here the article can help you learn more about IgA Nephropathy and its symptoms, hoping can help you take better care of yourself and choose a more suitable therapy....

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Repetitive Hematuria in IgA Nephropathy with Creatinine 6.5

Symptomless hematuria is the typical symptom of IgA Nephropathy caused by the renal lesions. Many patients are worried about this and have no idea what can they do to relieve it. ...

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Why I Was Diagnosed with High Creatinine in IgA Nephropathy

Creatinine is an important indicator of renal function in clinic. Creatinine will increase obviously when patients’ GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) drops into normal 1/3....

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Why was I Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure in IgA Nephropathy

High blood pressure,or called hypertension,refers to the increased blood pressure in arteries. Here the article can help you learn more about your disease. ...

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Reasons of Swollen Feet Caused by IgA Nephropathy

Swollen feet is one of the common symptoms of edema. Here the simple article can help you get more knowledge about your disease condition....

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