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How Long can IgA Nephropathy Live

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-04-12 16:21

How Long can IgA Nephropathy liveAs the lack of understanding of the disease,almost all of patients are afraid of the diseases. So do IgA Nephropathy patients. Then how long can those patients can live? Here is a simple data about the lifetime of them.

According to the clinical data,IgA Nephropathy is a severer disease,and the morbidity of it is up to 50% in China. Through observation of many years,the survival rate of 10 years is 80%~90%,then about 20%~30% of patients may suffer from renal insufficiency after 30~40 years and after they have been diagnosed,there are about 1%~2% of patients may worsen into ESRF(End Stage Renal Failure) yearly. That is to say,some people with IgA Nephropathy may have minor symptoms in 10 years. Owing to the chronicity of IgA Nephropathy,patients will be in danger in 30 years or longer.

Thus the timely treatments are the key for patients.On the bright side, in early stage,some preventive actions can be taken to prevent this disease. What’s more,if the timely and effective treatments can be taken early,the therapeutic effect will be better and the disease will not threaten their lives.

Dialysis can be used to control the disease process and prolong the life-pan of patients as far as possible. So although there some serious side-affects of dialysis that may increase the renal burden,the patients can only choose it to replace the part of renal function. Besides,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmoyherapy provide a better method to enhance the resistance and improve the internal environment of patients for the renal repair. Compared with dialysis,it has less side-affects and not so pain. In addition,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can ease the symptoms and does better in life extension.

Except the necessary therapy,there are something that effect the prognosis to a large extent. Such as the age,proteinuria,hematuria,hypertension and so on,which may worsen the disease badly even causes death.

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