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How to Prevent the Leakage of Protein in Hypertension Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-08-30 16:09

How to Prevent the Leakage of Protein in Hypertension NephropathyMany Hypertension Nephropathy patients face an unutterable problem that they have to get up in the night to urinate frequently and there seems to be something wrong about their urine. Besides,they also can not sleep well in night for their increasingly serious illness. Here the article can help you learn more details about your renal disease,hoping this can help you look after yourself better. ONLINE DOCTOR can offer more information directly and quickly for free.

Actually,some Hypertension Nephropathy patients have found that his urine is abnormal. There are many small bubbles on the surface of the urine and these bubbles will not disappear in a short time. In addition,these patients urinate in night more frequently than before. In fact,both of above symptoms are caused by your damage kidneys. For patients with Hypertension Nephropathy,long-standing high blood pressure will cause the leakage of protein,leading to the bubbles,namely proteinuria.

As the renal damage worsens,patients’ glomerular filtration system and renal tubul’s re-absorption function will be effected and damaged badly. In addition,the leakage of protein will aggravate and accelerate Kidney Failure,leading to the irreversible renal damage.

So for patients with long-term high blood pressure,it is necessary for them to pay more attention to their own disease condition. Taking hypotensive drugs,measuring blood pressure regularly and preventing the exacerbation of high blood pressure are necessary for patients.

However,taking timely and effective treatments is necessary for patients to rescue their impaired kidneys and effected life. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy offers a better choice for renal recovery. Micronized medicine can infiltrate the lesions and inhibit the high blood pressure effectively with less side affects. For patients with kidney disease,the most important is that it creates a better internal environment and promote the renal recovery.

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