How to Treat for Hypertensive Nephropathy from the Root Cause

2016-12-11 10:00

Hypertensive Nephropathy,Root Cause,Chinese MedicineHigh blood pressure lead to kidney damage, while if you still only relay on hypotensive medication as the only treatment, you will find it will out of control in the end. That is due to you still do not find out the real cause of your disease.

Mr Wang is 46 years old. From 12 years ago, his blood pressure was 180/100mmHg and he was diagnosed with primary hypertension level three. From then on, he began to take hypotensive medicines.

Even he has take medicine for long time, but the pressure still very high and the condition becomes more and more severe.

One month ago, he felt weak and could not walk. He went to hospital for check up. At this time, his blood pressure was high to 230/140mmHg, routine urine test 3+, 24h urinary protein quantity 1.59g and potassium 1.48g. With this result, he was sent to ICU and given potassium supplement. After 2 days of treatment, his blood pressure was fluctuating within 160-210/90-120mmHg. Protein was 2+ and potassium was 3.52. He temporarily was pulled out of danger. However, his symptoms like weakness still exist. This therapeutic effect was not ideal so he came to our hospital.

He took professional test in our hospital, we find the root cause is primary hyperaldosteronism and then we gave him systematic treatment.

After 9 days’ treatment that his potassium was reduced to normal range 4.84mmol/L.

Till now, you should know about the importance of clearly diagnosis during treatment. Medicine can not control illness condition can be due to a lot of reasons, you need to find them out, that will help you take suitable and effective treatment.

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